Are your projects off balance?

The 44 year old area manager, Sabine, has come to a personnel and technical bottleneck with her area project portfolio. The reason is because other project managers are dealing with several projects at the same time, failing to reach the required quality and meet delivery times in agreement with some projects of the area project portfolio. The most critical is a sophisticated and complex IT-Project that is lacking a technical project manager's Know-How. After a few meetings with some friends Sabine is recommended to take on an external project manager, Stefan, whom also happens to be an IT-Expert. Soon after Stefan is engaged to overtake the critical and sophisticated IT-project as well as to relieve the regular team of their burden.

In that case, we will gladly help to take the weight off you and get things back into balance. This is how we can best support you:

  • Commissioning and initiating projects: Project assignment (project's target, start and finishing dates, the main tasks and organisation) preparation and agreement with the project owner, …
  • Starting and planning the projects: The project start workshop with the project's core team, project planning (content and scope, schedule, costs and risks,...) preparation and agreement with owner, project handbook respectively, preparing the project management plan, ...
  • Monitoring and steering (controlling) the projects: Regular monitoring of the project's progress, deviations (content, schedule, costs,...) identification, introducing/initiating countermeasures, ...
  • Coordinating projects: Organizing meetings, making decisions, leading project team members,...
  • Directing project meetings (core team, steering committee, etc.)
  • Internal and external project marketing
  • Closure of projects: Project completion report and documentation preparation, carrying out the project closing workshop, ...
  • Set up and directing the project management-offices (PMO)

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Are you searching for a 100% web-based, fully integrated project and portfolio management solution , that does not force you to compromise between usability and deploying a "real" PPM solution?