You are prior - You are unique - Everybody is unique!

Our uniqueness is that our Project and Team Management unite the complex, critical and challenging projects.

Peoples' communication is a crucial success factor within a complex, critical or challenging undertaking.

Our expertise guide you through issues as these:

  • Your project is hanging by a thread
  • Your team members cannot work together
  • Your project is popping up with new surprises hourly
  • Projects differ but pursue the same goal
  • Your business holds a certain amount of potential waste
  • Your projects is unequivocally important for the future

Long years of experience have shown us that the technical project-level and the social team-level complement each other and together lead to success.

How we work - our Best Thinking approach:

  • We match our instruments/tools according to the project's complexity.
  • We recognise the apparent usage of all marked effort.
  • As project managers we are aware that we not only share the limelight but also set a good example and so our approach is always principal-orientated. Our most important principals are: trust, personal commitments, we never forget that "people are not machines" and ought to enjoy what they do.
  • Our pragmatic strategy is always visible, we do not stick to a certain pattern rather we orientate ourselves according the addressed conditions.
  • To sum it up: we are always alert and on the look out for new ways to simple and practical solutions. We advocate common sense and reason.


2620 Gramatl, Austria

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Our TurnAround Book

Finally, our book "TURN AROUND. When projects are upside down and classic project management fails" is available !