Creative Co-operation

"If two people have the same opinion, one is unnecessary." Stephen R. Covey

ONEPOINT Projects is the world's first 100% web-based, fully-integrated project and portfolio management solution that does not force you to compromise between usability and deploying a "real" PPM solution. We have been a one point solution partner for many years and still supervise many enthusiastic ONEPOINT Projects' customers.

Everyone does what they are best at and thrive from it. The TMS centre supports our accredited trainer with the implementation of team trainings and consulting mandates. This includes methods of the Margerison-McCann Team Management Systems and it's application of team development and above all team training.

Within the Frequentis Group, team is the specialist for project management and system engineering. team merges the knowledge and the international experience of independent experts out of various fields of activity. This know-how is individually applied handling complex customer projects in the areas telecommunication, intelligent transportation systems as well as information technology.

Process management innovation with the MATHERA MATRIX METHOD (TRIPLE-M) offers a holistic view of the corporate procedures from strategic to operational levels.  The representation of these processes is respective of the management level vote.  Furthermore, effective visualisation (Paper and IT-support) will be offered and therewith measureable results supplying rapid decisions.

Certible is a certification body for 'Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering' (CPRE), operating across Europe and China. IT Businesses have a growing interest in standardised requirements management know-how. An ill-conceived requirements management process can have a severe impact on the success of IT projects.

Consistent delivery without excuses. projectyzer helps a company's business model to further develop and replicate stable and successful projects. The organiser's aim is to bring a TurnAround project back to a successful path.

You will find innovative ideas and unconventional approaches to organise and control your TurnAround projects. As co-authors to this exceptional bookproject we have worked intensively hard and successfully to deliver collaborated development phases on methods and tools for TurnAround-Project Management.

Transformation occurs as reality or is non existant. Methods, knowledge, budgets, rules and laws prevent Transformation. Effect (reality) accrues from attitude of mind within the overall system. A clear mind facilitates the ability to concentrate on the essentials. The constructive attitude (backbone, courage, implementation force) also facilitates the ability to do the right thing at the right time.

Why not play music?

Instead of simply listening to music why not experience 'playing' it through an instrument. There are simple instruments that do not demand too much time to play yet can open up self creativity and liberate inferior thoughts like, 'I can't do that, I'm not musical!'

Daniel Leeb is specialized on timelapse and landscape photography. Experience nature from another angle, where special moments and emotions are frozen in Megapixels. His motto: 'Photography is the best way to show other people the world through your eyes!'

The Zen Meditation centre Misho-an was founded in 2008 by Fleur Sakura Woess and Paul Matusek. Ever since then many people who have been introduced to Zen through lectures and seminars have shown a great interest and dedication to meditate regularly at the institute. Within the scope of Zen Meditation we have a very close cooperation with Misho-an.

'AUSTRIA for Kenya Kids Support' has set itself the task of giving the underprivileged children in Kenia a new chance to establish, 'Everything great in our world happens because someone does more than is required'.


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Development Stages

Values-based culture stages in the Graves-Value-System

Team Analyses

How effective is your team? Curious? Book your next team development workshop!

Achieve goals stress free with Goalscape!

The unique visual display of Goalscape helps you to identify, develop and communicate your goals at a glance.

The Project Square

Use innovative analysis and presentation forms, such as the "Project Square" in your planning and controlling activities.

Our TurnAround Book

Finally, our book "TURN AROUND. When projects are upside down and classic project management fails" is available !