The art of scoring all project balls simultaneously in the goal

The 48 year old programme manager Holger is leading a very large, complex, sophisticated and critical infrastructure-programme that is a part of several projects and faces a commissioned deadline. Political disputes, bad performance by the industry-partner and a high level of technical complexity continually create difficulties in the programme. As line manager, Holger is overloaded and isn't able to achieve better performance with the programme. He is in dire need of external support, someone who can run the operational programme management part and keep a manager's perspective over the individual projects entailed. The external support is found in Ralf, a very experienced programme manager who not only supports Holger with the operation but offers technical and methodological sparring at eye level.

If you shoot the ball our way, then… we'll gladly play

  • Commissioning and initiating programmes: Programme assignment (programme's target, start and closing dates, main tasks and organization) compilation and agreement with the programme owner, project's orders concerning the project programme's organisation and adjustment, ...
  • Start and planning programmes: The running of the programme start workshop with the programme's core team, individual project planning within programme planning (content and scope, schedule, costs and risks,...) incorporation and agreement with owner, programme handbook respectively, draw up the programme management plan, ...  
  • Monitoring and steering (controlling) the programmes: Regular monitoring of the programme and project's progress, deviations (content, schedule, costs,...) identification, introducing/initiating countermeasures, ...
  • Coordinating programmes: Organising meetings, making decisions, leading programme team members, ...
  • Directing programme meetings (core team, steering committee, etc.)
  • Internal and external programme marketing
  • Closure of programmes: Programme's completion report and documentation preparation, carrying out the project closing workshop, ...
  • Set-up, development and conducting Programme-Management-Offices (PMO)

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